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Negative Approach

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After watching Saturdays defeat to Sheffield Wednesday I am starting to feel that Norwich''s whole approach transmits negative vibes to the opposition, take the fact that we were playing a team who had managed to win one game out of the first seven (including a losing sequence of six games during that period), I thought we gave them far to much respect by playing with one up front in effect. I am sure other sides in the division would have gone with 442 and had a real good go to try and reopen old psychological wounds in their defence. But by picking the team in the way we did we ended up giving them far too much respect and they took advantage. I believe Chris Brown has had a lot of chances to stake his claim but by their nature forward players NEED to score goals, unfortunately at the moment I don''t believe he has the belief to do this and would be better served gaining confidence away from the spotlight. (by the way I would love him to prove me wrong tonight and score a hatful if he plays)

I also noticed the same attitude in the two away games that I have seen at Preston and Hull, 0-0 is the first priority then if a chance comes try and score, I really think we should be taking the game to teams and trying to force the pace. The negative attitude will become a known trait of Norwich if it continues and more teams will love coming to Carrow Road and being able to force the pace in the same way Wednesday did on Saturday.

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