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Ulf Ottosson

Lack of Pace!!

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Pace - vital in the modern game - is something completely missing from our entire squad. Teams have worked out that we simply don''t have the option of playing the ball in behind the defence, something which was crucial last year with Earnie in the team. No team wanted to defend high up the pitch because of his threat in behind. Now with the strike option being Cureton, Dave the Striker, Brown, Dublin and Martin aren''t that sort of player meaning that teams push up on us making it hard for us to sustain any pressure.

Up front is where this is most obvious but i would''nt place any player in the squad as quick - Huckerby as lost half a year, croft legs move fast but he doesn''t go anywhere, chadwick lost his pace years ago (this is why his career is in free fall)

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