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some people still missing the point

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I don''t think the worst thing is the signings. Yes we have been told the usual rubbish about not much cash available and players won''t come to the area, however the players we have brought in have either done reasonably well, ie Otsemobor, or come with pretty good reputations ie Brellier, Cureton and Strihavka. It is also true that a lot of new signings take time to bed in. However having seen the three home games and Hull away, the team do not seem to have a clue how to play together, nor are there any discernible tactics or game plan.

It''s also unforgivable that we did not get a decent centre half, in the close season, and we have been playing the divisions most clueless striker in Brown upfront. We did not manage to get a centre half for the usual Norwich reason, we will have been trying to get decent players for peanuts.

What is true is that we have at least as good if not better players than Ipswich or Colchester for example, however Grant has no idea how to use them.

And can we please get rid of Doncaster asap, so that we don''t have to look at his smug face and listen to him quoting the need for careful spending, as we head for Div 1.

In summary, Doncaster out, Grant out, Col Utd management team in and find a Norfolk millionaire with some spare cash.

Listening to some of the Chelsea fans rubbishing Abramovitch on Talksport how about we all petition him to come to Norwich, where his millions would really be appreciated!








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