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How good is our team?

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In other words if we were to get rid of Grant before he has finished building his squad, would some other manger do more with it?It has to be said that several of the new players have had received injuries of some kind, or been ill, so in one or two cases, Fozzy, Brellier, Dave, we don''t know if they have reached full effectiveness.What criterion should be use? I will suggest one - which of our players would be capable of playing in the Premiership. Possibly Marshall, probably not Hux now, and that about exhausts the list. Some of the youngsters may achieve this, but that is in the future.We have purchased/signed some useful players - Otse (good going forward, but with defensive frailties,) Lappin (good dead-ball, but otherwise lightweight?), Brellier (according to Hearts), Fozzy (at the start of the season giving glimpses of something even better), Dave (time will tell if he can do more), Murrary (perhaps), Russell/Cureton/Chadwick/Croft/Gilks - championship players.Why do we have no match winner, unless Hux gets back to his best? Look at the list - in how many cases did we have to beat off money from Premiership clubs and aspirants - very few. I have to conclude that our squad assembled on a shoe string will probably never be good enough for promotion. Whether the club will find more money for more outstanding players, from this year''s budget or extra, we can say say that the squad is better than a year ago - the deadwood has largely gone and we have better goalkeepers. Whether we suffer from the loss of Ernie and Dickson it is not entirely clear - neither of them seems to be selected very often for their new clubs.Potentially, with a better squad, at least in terms of those who could be confidently selected, we ought to achieve more. I still have a sneaking suspicion that we may do better when all have settled in and are free from injury and Hux has recovered fully, although we clearly need one or two central defenders.Would a new manager achieve more? I doubt it, with the present team, injuries and settling in time. Unless he were to be given lots of money, and suffers no major injury problems, I can''t see performances being much improved.The puzzling thing is that on one or two occasions the side has turned in half a game of really good football. If they all play to potential we would be much higher in the league. For three or even four years we have underperformed seriously by apparent laziness and "not turning up", under two managers. Could a new manager overcome this?

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