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kevin brighton


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Having read many opinions from the fans that post on this site and again listened to the words spoken by Grant and Huckerby as well as posting many times defending the board and the manager I have to say that its time to take action.

The board either need to come clean and tell the fans exactly what state we are in as a club financially that is or we the fans take action. I am open minded about what type of action but with a manager who seems incapable of motivating the players and who comments frequently about the lack of finances but was saying up until the transfer window closed that he wanted two or three more what is the truth?

We were in the market for Billy Sharp before Earnshaw and Etuhu went. We had also bid for Marshall long before that and it appears a number of others also.

I no longer think that Grant or the board need to go its possibly all of them.

Nothing seems to happen except a lot of messages on this site. Can we the fans no do better than just post our feelings on here?


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