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My E-Mail to Doncaster!

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I felt the need to write to Neil at this time, this was my E-Mail:Neil,How you and as you call yourselves the "Big Brothers" of

NCFC can issue this ultimatum to Grant is beyond belief. I have been a

season ticket holder for 20 plus years now and the attempt to hide

behind Grant "The scapegoat" is yet another spin machine process to

keep yourselves from the fans wrath. I assure you that you and

the board are under serious scrutiny from the paying public, more than

ever before. I know for a fact that me, my mates and my mother, all of

whom are season ticket holders have no intention of renewing again. You

have lied and decieved us for far too long, with your "Prudence with

Ambition" Ethos. It is clear there is no ambition in the Ethos! The

playing staff have been bled dry for seasons, at the cost of "prudence

with more restaurants" At your AGM the other year, injuries

were used as an excuse for the poor performances. Well with cover like

ours, injuries are fatal! We are away this evening, struggling to put a

couple of centre halves on the field. You may come back with the red

card story, but Dublin is meant to be a forward and not exactly capable

of 46 games a season anyway! It has been clear to all us fans that we

desperately need a couple of central defenders, yet nothing. Please dont

treat us with the contempt that Grant is not aware of this! That would

be like going to Iraq minus body Armour! You have lied and

decieved us all far too long, our taken as infinate patience has worn

out! We have been supporters of this Club for years bleeding Yellow and

Green, but "you" not Grant have made this club a laughing stock. My

friend sent me a text the other day saying he had put £50 on wolves to

win and that he had done so the previous game. This was the first time

in his life he ever bet against us, but as he emphasised to me "it

is easy money!"I thoroughly believe Grant to be a good manager?

however! nobody can work the miracle you are demanding. To expect a

Premiership class team, with a minus 2 Million transfer budget is asking

a lot of Ethan Hunt. The figures, lies and spin from you and "Big

Brother" over the past few seasons have exhasted me. I am now at a point

where I see no sense, supporting something not prepared to help

itself! Till you and the rest of Big Brother are removed or have a change in

policy, I shall watch from a distance and become a "follower" not a

"supporter" of this great Club.You have the greatest support in

the division but it has been treated with total disrespect for far too

long. I would say Neil "if anyone is under the eye of Big Brother, it

is you and the rest of the board". Delia and yourself have "cooked" and

"cleaned" the house far too long, your support is drying up.  We the

paying public are watching and await your eviction to a chorus of

"Boos"in anticipation.Ian Farrow

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Over the top and not at all helpful at this stage in my opinion.  I believe that Doncaster is doing the best he can under the conditions facing the club and this type of e-mail is just part of the gotta blame someone ethos of certain supporters.


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At least you are mailing him and not just bleating on a website and saying "answer THAT Doncaster - and if you don''t reply I know I''m right" kinda thing.

Unfortunately, Doncaster didn''t actually come up with the phrase "Big Brother", which your email hinges drastically on - Archant did. Sorry to burst that little bubble! [:)]

Also - you want evidence that City is going down the pan... and the best you can offer is "my mate sent me a text"... well... case closed me thinks....

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