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lucky green trainers

we're skint, and we know we are!!! we're skint......

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annual report released - no real surprises.   right - think we know the parameters, there''s no dosh and we might have to sell some players yet, yeah like who??? anyways - which model to follow.  not the charlton methinks -  they''ve got relegated and  have made some decent purchases  to get out the league at the first attempt.  so harking back to recent history - we got promoted on the back of average champs players, moulded into an effective team with positive work ethic, with the addition of some quality fringe prem players, and through suffering minimal injuries.ok.  so this time around???  the team we have is average, but should be capable.  russell for instance is an effective team player at this level and so should chadwick - tried and tested at stoke.  so maybe not moulded or organised yet - this should follow, if the extreme folly of not appointing a first team coach is rectified soonest. we''ve suffered appallingly bad luck with injuries and red cards.   ok, injuries are tough luck sometimes, but red cards from indiscipline should and can be ironed out.that leaves signing quality fring-prem players.  now reportedly on 5 figure monthly salaries and £300,000 loan fees.  lets say £500,000 to £600,000 per player.  personally, with full houses, that i doubt will be full if things carry on as they are, if we can''t afford a decent squad with some decent loanees in the team that at least gives us a fighting chance of top 6 - then what''s the point.on one hand, doncaster is suggesting the club has prem ambitions, and to stay there, but admits the financial conditions are challenging.  well if the money isn''t there to back up the claims of prem ambition, in my neck of the woods, that''s BS or worse deception.  why should i turn up to watch a team with prem ambitions, that hasn''t the money to get quality loanees in???  in doncaster speak, this season is surely about avoiding relegation, and building a top 12 side - not challenging for a prem place is it???we all now, that city has the fianaces of a mid table champs side, and if we can''t afford the quality players, that''s were we''ll end up - maybe if we overperform, top 8 or play off posi - if we underperform, bottom8, or last 5 relegation places.  that''s the reality and it makes for depressing reading.

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