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I don't buy your bleating Peter...

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Wherever you lay the blame for out current predicament, i''ve really started to have had enough of his whining. One thing that most people respected about Worthy was that he never complained or moaned about the situation he and his team found himself in. He always understood that it was up to him and the team to get themselves out of it (even if he never managed to!)But Grant is sailing very close to the wind by continually moaning about not having enough money, because while he''s not had as much as the newly relegated clubs, he''s had more than them down the road could even dream of and look what they''re achieving at the moment. It really doesn''t wash Peter. You''ve bought some supposedly decent players and it''s up to you to get them to play. And what do you think it does to the confidence of the players you do have when you''re in the press every other day moaning about how you can''t afford any decent players and that, by inference, you have to stick with the dross you already have! That you bought.I''ve liked a lot of what he''s done and said since he came in but at the moment he''s losing my support by the day.

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