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It is difficult to draw many conclusions from last night''s game about what might have been if both sides had been at full strength. I think that some of us would not have given City much hope. Perhaps we can agree on two things:1) Manchester still put out a team with internationals and with price tags, even if it performed below the level of their full strenth team.2) Our weakened team, with a collective market value much less, more than matched them, and if their team were not as good as their full team, our''s was, in terms of defending and creativity, at least.The conclusion must be that a number of players last night, and especially Murray, Spillane and  Rossi can be relied on and deserve selection.In addition, the balance of the team seemed better. All that was lacking was goals, we had the chances. We may wish to put some reserve striking power on the bench, but like many others I would be disappointed if last night''s team does not start on Saturday, Doc''s fitness permitting( - not sure I ever expected to write that!).

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