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The real problem at Carrow Road

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As you know I don''t like the boards/NCPLC total lack of ambition "on the pitch" and think Grant is really out of his depth, but I will not boo the team or any player in yellow and green. I am willing to give the team Grant built with the money given to him 10 games  to prove they can play FOOTBALL together and win. If they cant then who do we blame? the players who play the best they can even if its not good enough for us? the manager who brought them to the club with the funds he had? or the board/NCPLC who at the end of the day controls every thing at Carrow Rd?

I really believe the state of the club is down to the board/NCPLC who master minded the downward spiral "on the pitch" when promoting and financing many "off the pitch" projects.

The real question is not how long do we give Grant but how long before 20,000 FOOTBALL fans say to the board/NCPLC "Stand aside and give FOOTBALL a chance" but by then it maybe too late.?



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