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Monday Press Conference

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Morning all,
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but Roy Waller was saying yesterday that Delia said at lunchtime that there would be a press conference tomorrow. When asked whether this was to introduce McKenzie after his medical (which I think was Friday night, no word on that I see), she said something along the lines of "possibly, and maybe something more". Much as I would love it to be Hucks'' transfer, she also said the clubs never even got close on a fee and so never even got to discuss salary. Maybe Crouch?

Finally, what a great day yesterday. It''s many a year since a run of the mill league match had everyone stay behind at the end. Some of the passing was great and we used Iwan as he should be used now- as a focal point for long balls and not really asking him to do much more. Shackell, apart from one *******ing from Fleming for a misplaced pass in the first half and being about 6 feet away from his man at one point, stuck to people like glue for the rest of the afternoon. If that chap in the number 6 shirt (I forget his name) hadn''t been on the pitch, I think he''d have run them close.

PS Oh, great celebration from Fleming. Can''t wait for the highlights this afternoon.


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