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I hope i''m wrong but Peter the Pointer''s team selection tonight is an absolute joke!

In my opinion dropping cureton is wrong, although i can understand in theory the reasons for going 4-5-1, but still i think a natutal goalscorer like cureton should play.

Secondly if you are playing one up front you need that player to be a goalscorer, Brown is not, i would have understoood it more if Strihavka was on his own because he has pedigeree and scored on Saturday.

You also need pace withthat formation, and so to play chadwick ahead of croft is wrong in my opinion. Yes, we have huckerby but he can''t attack on his own, we look lop sided,  because chadwick isnt quick or attackling enough.

Finally, the defence. If shackall is fit to play he should start.. You can ramble on about not changing winning combinations all you like, but you should play your best players and the theory of sticking with a winning team is out of the window with cureton being dropped. So no theory there. Doherty is unreliable, Shacakll is better and plays well with dublin.

We have 2 league goals this season in our starting 11, that courtesy of Dublin and Lappin. None from our attacking trio. Its not a side thats gonna threaten much in my opinion.

If we win 1-0 tonight i will hold my hands up and say i was wrong, well done peter, but i cant see it happening.!


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