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Behind the scenes!!!

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I''m sure this post will be echoed many times over the next few hours/days in different text format, but i for one am thoroughly disappointed in not signing a center half.  As i drifted away from Carrow Road at the end of last season, there was one topic of conversation amongst the City faithful, that conversation has carried on up until now, two and a half hours before the transfer window shuts...  we need to sign a center half!!!  Its so painfully obvious to the supporter, i can not beleive the board, some of which declare themselves as ''fans'' have failed to realise this.  I can imagine the press conference to come, it seems to be following the same predictable old routine , we''ll be told of the million and phone calls and the frantic pace that the club is working at ''Behind The Scenes''.. we''ll then be told, we were let down at the last minute by a situation out of our hands..

As for the signings so far, its far to early to judge, but come on Norwich... sort out some priorities... PLEASE!!! 

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