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Norwich, loans and injuries

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It might have been posted elsewhere but I was sitting here watching the Blackpool and Hull game (good game, hoolahoop or whatever he is called is decent) and thought about our loan signings we have made in the past and present and how some of them have been getting injured, off the top of my head I can think of Bentley, Marney, Smith and Marshall to name a few and how they have had to go back to their respective clubs having been injured with Norwich, not saying this is our fault and injuries can''t be helped but do you think that some clubs look at this and think, do we want to send our players to a club where a lot get injured? I don''t know but I''m sure if they knew this they have a niggaling thought in there mind.

Another thing about loan signings, I was thinking about this too, too much thinking tonight and I thought we have 2 sorts of loans potentially. The ones who go out with their manager saying get some game time and you will get back in the team and then we have the players, clubs and agents who know that a decent loan signing can get them another move. Most of the loans seem to be from the prem to the chump. Regardless of the player and who he is, I think I would rather have a player who comes for however long and a good spell will get him back in as they are playing, a player who wants a loan move for a permanent move may do all they can in the spell then drop of like some little Danish fella we know. I like the loan system and I think that this suits clubs like ours who don''t have millions to spend, this is not a topic to slate the board off about money and lack of transfers, please do this somewhere else but I would like your thoughts on the above topics.

Ta. Bigg.


Ps, just a little gripe with the message board, everybody seems to post a topic, someone replies and replies to them etc etc but do we really need to keep putting everybody elses rfeplies on our message each time? For me, it can be annoying as you end up scrolling for 5 hours trying to get the right comment at the bottom of the page.

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