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nottingham nick

Charlie Wyett - Sun Newspaper

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What a difference a few days make !!

On Wednesday he was saying how rubbish Norwich and West Brom were. Saying that they were both not good enough to stay in Premier League. Sky described it as a thrilling game for neutrals to watch.
Then yesterday half a page including a lot of praise for Norwich.
Is he a West Ham supporter ? (I guess he must support one of the London teams from his comments in the past)
He seems to have discovered the road to East Anglia after 6 months of the season, in fact 2 Norwich match reports in a week means he must like the place.

My personal message for everyone who doubts that Norwich can stay in Premiership is;
''I don''t care, lets get May 2nd over with and then worry about August when we start playing Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea etc.''
Teams in Premiership do not worry about playing in Europe until they get in the top spots.
So lets concentrate on promotion (as Champions) and then party all summer.

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I know Charlie, he is a big Norwich fan who lives in the area. Writing for a national paper he has to be objective and call it as he sees it on the day.
I agree about the premiership, if we make it the team will probably have several new faces and bear little comparison with the present team.

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