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lucky green trainers

was grant trying to get safri sent off???

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with the crowd baiting safri (although that went flat once the soton goal went in after his corner) and after making another rash challenge that earned him a yellow card - safri looked rattled for sure.  we were saying that if he couldn''t calm it, safri could well get sent off.  during a break in play,  we saw granty issuing instructions to russell - and speculated he was telling the player to invite safs into making some more dogey looking tackells to get him red carded!!!what seemed like 2 mins later - safs catches russell as he was going past him - who tumbles to the floor.  ref gives safs the benefit of the doubt, but thereafter he went quiet and i can''t safri really biting after that - especially when fozzy came on 2nd half, we seemed to gain the initiative in midfield.  my view is that russell leaned into safri''s challenge, to make the most of it - however imo he never dived though and safri made a pigs ear of it.  on another day - safs could''ve gone for an early bath.if safs had gone, i''d love to have seen the look on granty''s face!!!

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