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First Wizard

Regarding Hucks : the board have let US down!

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Firsly, congratulations to Nigel Worthington, Hucks (god), Iwan and all the team for a stunning victory against a tough Cardiff side. Well done everbody.

Did you see Huckerby destroy the bluebirds Doomcaster?, did you hear the Barclay Delia?, are you all ashamed this morning as he makes his way back to Manchester or worst a rival division 1 club?, I doubt it!.

The board have no only let down Nigel and the team, but the supporters as well.

Oh, you can find £623.000 (TRUE COST) no problem, and blow it on a one footed (watch him carefully) striker, from a second division side who are in the bottom 3 of that division!. Hell, he''s made a real difference there has''nt he!?. And yet you can''t sign a man who''s proved himself at our level already, set the crowd alight, maintaining good attendences, sheer b***dy madness!.

If its a case of Hucks wages, you knew that when he first arrived, so don''t use that old chestnut for an excuse this time!.

Yes, I can hear the buzz from the keyboards of the usual ''sensible'' posters, Master Green, A1, Mook, all pleading with me to drop this, well I aint gona do that, ever!..

Norwich City has assets, use them, flog em or get the damn blanket out again, where''s Delia''s so called celebrity fans she''s always entertaining?, beg from them, if that what it takes. The Barclay are clear on this, if you let him go, shame on you all for ever for it.

Am I angry, too bl**dy right I am!

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i am with you all the way mate, am as angry as you and feel utterly despondent this morning, we have just witnessed one of the greatest individual performances ever in a city shirt and for the want of money we are told we cannot have him

yet we can afford a player from peterborough, i know nothing about mckenzie but he will never fill hucks'' boots, never

hucks has given us such a great chance to get out of this division and doomcaster and co will not take the chance to build on that

and yet they are prepared to buy someone from division 2?

football is indeed a very crazy game ....

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You are both spot on i also feel angry and upset that we have let one of the most exiting players i seen in a city shirt go back to Manchester. Guess we will see him play against us and destroy us like he did for Forest. Anyway board lovely stand when the football is rubbish we can look at that!

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Very slowly

The world is not flat

The moon is not made of cream cheese

And there is no Sant............. ooops better not(not sure if you could cope)

McKenzie has not cost £625.000, Speculative figures are being bandied about based on what might be due IF we get promoted, he plays so many games etc

Of course we knew what Huckerby''s wage''s were. We were paying them. What we didn''t know was what the terms would be come december. Neither side would have committed, wanting to see how well he played over the three months.

It was always obvious that Huckerby would be going back to Man City if only for them to tangle their toes in the transfer window in Jan. What happens after January will be very interesting.

But never fear. Ever the optimist - in the same way as a one legged Dudley Moore hopped around Peter Cook''s office believing that he could be Tarzan - Wizard suggests we start flogging off things.

What ?

Players, the team coach, the seats in the new south stand ?

We are mortgaged up to the hilt.

Blanket ! If you are so keen Mr Wizard I suggest you round up a few other fantasists and stand outside Carrow Rd on Boxing Day with collecting buckets. You''ll be lucky to collect enough to pay one day of Huckerby''s wages.

No one is pleading with you to stop merely suggesting that you recognize what every other kid at Xmas realises, they don''t always get everything they want.

Now wipe your face and blow your nose, you don''t want the binners to see you like this do you ?

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