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Norwich will only last 1 season! - unlike the binners mighty 2 seasons.

Norwich fans are coming out of the woodwork now! - Even though Norwich have the highest percentage in div.1 of home area sellouts in the last 3 seasons.

We''ve got more season ticket holders than you! - Norwich currently have 19,000 season ticket holders with a waiting list of 5,000

Norwich have a rubbish ground! - Unlike the gorgeous Britannia and cobbald stands which are

Ipswich have got history! - 7,000 gate attendances that''s history for you.

Ipswich have a bigger ground! - On completion of the south stand and city stand the capacity of carrow will 37,500.

We''ve got bigger away following than you! - Norwich currently have the highest average away following in div.1 of 2,643.

You won''t finish 4th and get into Europe like we did!
No we actually finished 3rd and got further than you did - but we don''t like digging up the past.

You will get thrashed every week!
they should know, they have set the standard 9-0 man utd.

You are just a 1 man team!
we know, Mackay is brilliant.

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A nice little timely reminder for the binners who have chirpped up recently. Probably worth sending to a few of the ipswich players.

Not even a mention of only paying 5p in the pound to their creditors - Im suprised that you could have resisted that one smudge.

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