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Positivity is Back!

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Russel''s signed which i believe will be good, he offers balance to the midfield and could be a perfect partner for Brellieur. We have made some astute signings, and with hopefully a bit of cash left to spend. If we sign a centre half then i see no reason why we really cant challenge for a top 6 finish. I was really negative the other day, too negative but we''ve now filled one of the holes. There is certainly another at centre back and this is hopefully where the other cash comes in. We''ve got 2 weeks to go yet, so no need to panic.

Marshall: Top keeper, will sure us up alot and will be one of the leagues top stoppers.

Otsemobor: Again has came in in a position we needed. Good raw talent, strengthens the team.

Drury: Solid

Shackall: Solid

???: We need a new centre back to challenge, if DD or Doherty are regulars i fear we wont compete

Chadwick: Best is yet to come, we know he''s a decent player

Hucks: Still performs regularly

Brellier: Tough tackling, no nonsense hardy man we''ve missed

Russell/Smith(when fit) : Brings goals back into the midfield, creativity and flair that we need

Cureton: All he needs to do is recreate last season form, and should have good service

Strihavka: My other doubt is whether we have 2 good enough forwards, he may struggle to settle. I''m doubting Brown, but there is Martin though im not convinced he''ll work well with cureton.

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yes very good signings made by the club,and for the first time in years we have cover in all positions. marshall/gilks-drury/lappin-otsomber/hughes-shackle/spillane-dublin/docs-brellier/safri(if still here)fozzy-russell/smith-croft/chadwick-huks/lappin or chadwick.-big dave/brown-curo/martin.   thats nearly two players for every position that will slot straight into the team WELL DONE GRANTY!!!!!!!!

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