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Yellow Rider

So's Colin Jackson!

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Hi, Yellow Rider back and reporting for duty now that the season is almost here.

Just  brief summary of my thoughts on the new players Grant has signed (or not signed as the cas emay be) and also to inject a little controversy into the debate! :  

MARSHALL - certainly no doubting his potential. I remember his debut for Celtic away at Barcelona (from memory), he stopped almost everything and reminded me of the other  A Marshall''s debut (more of that later). Dicky calls him ...''a fantastic keeper''. Possibly in the future but if he is then: a) why did Celtic sell, and b) why were a host of Premiership clubs not after him, and c) why is he not Scotland''s first choice keeper??  Too much hype already about Marshall (as with others) but I predict he will come good.

GILKS - sorry, never heard of him before we signed him so have to wait and see (if we ever do see him of course)

OTSEMOBOR - ah, the link to the title of this thread. I have a friend who works for AXA as a sales consultant and is an out and out Blades fan. He seems to know eveything about football (you know the type). We had a phone conversation way back in May when the JO transfer looked to have been agreed and it went like this:

Blade - I see you''re signing John Ostemobor

Rider - Yeah, don''t know much about him though

Blade - I saw him  a couple of times for Rotherham. I think he''s rubbish!

Rider - Oh dear, why do you say that? I thought he was supposed to be pretty quick?

Blade - He is, but so was Colin Jackson. Doesn''t mean to say he''s a good footballer though!

All we hear about JO is how he can .....''bomb up the flank and get in crosses'' (Neil Adams went on and on about this on Radio Norfolk one Saturday). Er, is not that the job of our right winger or right sided midfielder??  We all know how appalling our defence has been in last two or three seasons so I want a fullback to DEFEND. IF he can fully master that art then he can turn his attention to the attacking side of his game. He may well look great ...''bombing forward'' but if you see hin go AWOL and we leak goals down that flank, remember, you heard the warning here first.

BRELLIER - again, huge amount of hype based largely on some hazy clips from YouTube which mostly seem to show him hacking opponents down and conceding freekicks! OK a sweeping generalisation I know but let''s not build this guy up when he''s basically not even played yet. I will reserve judgement.

SMITH - you''ll be glad to know that my Blade fan says ...''he''s a bit special'' so on that basis I''ll back Grant on this one. Bad news about the injury though.

RUSSELL - less explosive than Ethu (when he could be bothered) but no doubt he will be far more reliable. Does he have the ball skills and creativity we badly need in centre midfield though? May be Smith would (will) have povided that? All in all, i''m glad to see him back in yellow.

CURETON - can''t believe it took us so long to sign him! I only wish he was 4 or 5 years younger. He will not only score goals, he will score quality goals as well. ''One lucky season at this level'' some say. So why then were we after Eastwood and Sharp? What level have they scored goals at?   

STRAHIVKA - I think he will struggle. Occasional nice touches no doubt but the language barrier will be a major hurdle (remember Drazen Muzinic anyone?). Gone in January or next summer.

That''s the initial verdict anyway - lets see how it all pans out.           

The centre half? From a Sunderland contact I heard that we had agreed to sign Russell Anderson and then he turned us down last minute. There was no ''Plan B'' - alledgedly.

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