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Alex Harvey-Jones

West Brom, Wolves and Hendo!

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Over the past couple of weeks I have watched my local team Northampton play friendlies against West Brom and Wolves. They lost 5-1 and 3-0 respectively.

West Brom looked awesome - I left the game feeling worried about the coming season as we are no way near as impressive. Phillips and Beattie looked great up front and their midfield has so much talent - Gera, Koren and the new portugese chap. They could all pass the ball about and ripped Northampton to shreads. Their only possible weakness is in defence. Ok Northampton are a league below but I would be amazed if West Brom didn''t get promoted this season.

Wolves also looked good although not in the same class as West Brom. Keogh looked very bright as did Kightly and Eastwood scored a crisp goal when he came on. I think Wolves will be up there come May too but propbably in the play offs.

On another note, a certain Ian Henderson was playing for Northampton in both games. He played well and he scored a great goal against West Brom. I think he has found his level in this league. He was working hard for the team and you could see he had a little bit of quality from his movement off the ball. I really hope he gets a decent run in the side and the fans don''t get on his back. Not good enough for Norwich but wish him all the best for the future.

Thought these comments might be of interest!

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