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It's all relative really isn't it?

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The following is lifted from a post on this board by Camuldonum without his permission. Hope he doesn''t mind.

Cambridge have even less money than Lincoln City!

Re the latter: I loved the Lincoln post on BBC 606.

It was all in caps: WE''VE SIGNED A PLAYER!!!

You should be so lucky to have so much money/clout as you do.

Sad Old Bloke stuck with Colchester and Lincoln City but that''s life.

For those jealous of the prem and forever rabbiting on about the iniquities of modern football, this is another somewhat humbling perspective where the shoe is on the other foot relative to Norwich City.

I can empathise with you Camul - every week I check for Gorleston''s result although I''ve not seen them play since they moved from the The Rec to Emerald Park!

Yep, it''s all relative.





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