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Give the board some credit...........please.

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They must be doing something right to 25-26,000 turning up every game. Some of us old timers can remember gates of half that. In a way they are victims of their own success - remember when Delia & MWJ turned up NCFC were stoney broke and going to the wall - every player who could be sold was just to survive. Now some fans seem to have caught "bigclubitis" - a view that the level of support & status of a club should guarantee success, do me a favour. Look at the other clubs message boards - Wolves fans were never under any doubt that Eastwood & Sharpe (if he hadn''t gone to the Blades) would prefer them to us, WBA think Safri would be making a step up, Coventry, Leicester, Southampton, Palace, that team in Suffolk, Forest, Leeds (if they survive) all think they are in no way inferior. We also seem to have picked up "nonfans" (you know who you are!!) who seem to take pride in hurting the club, protesting, moaning or not actually going to matches at all. Emmm, that really helps.

Fact is the club runs at a controllable loss, there isn''t a lot of cash around for players. The club is straining to do the best it can i.e 11 new players this year alone and that is before the loss of the parachute payments.

Fact is Earnshaw and Etuhu choose to leave to both play at a higher level and to earn more. Who can blame? Credit due, they didn''t shout their mouths off about it.

Fact is football has changed and trigger clauses are part of that, as played to our benefit when Lappin arrived.

Fact is NCFC could do a lot worse than with this board (Ken Bates, Ridsdale?) and there arn''t any alternatives who will sub the club out of their pocket money.

Fact is they can''t tell us everything that goes on because they could never do any business that way.

Fact is the season is four weeks away......


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