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Off to Cardiff!

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Off to cardiff we did all trek,
I guess we all loose occassionally, oh heck,
To let in 2 goals made us all sad,
But overall, our performace wasn''t all bad.

Just for once steady Eddie did let us down,
But when it comes to consistency he still claims the crown,
Hucks and co tried hard at the other end,
But to score more than one wasn''t our god send.

Next comes the Gills back at Carrow Road,
I''m sure we''ll score goals by the load,
Mckenzie from the start he''ll begin,
This, I am sure will help us to win.

Then once more our show hits the road,
7000+ off to Palace by the coach load,
Waving inflatable Canaries we will be,
Daren Huckerby will score all three.

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