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Another one....

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Our ever present goalie is called Robert Green,
This season he''s in the best form you''ve seen,
To the ball he always seems to get his hand,
Surley it''s not long before he plays for Enger...Land.

Infront of him he has a strong back four,
Malky and Flem are also known to score,
Eddie is steady and Drury consistent,
Winning promotion is our aim, we remain persistant.

Paul is small, and 3 lungs gets everywhere,
What the hell''s going on with Brennan''s hair?
Francis and Mullers, i''m not really sure,
If they worked a bit harder, could they score more?

Upfront we have Hucks, what more needs to be said,
He''d be our star man even if he stayed in bed.
Roberts or Svensson, Im not sure which we prefer to see,
But surely we should see more of Leon Mckenzie

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