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Nigel Worthington

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Worthy has been here just over 3 years,
What progress he''s made as the end of the season nears,
When he took over from Hamilton, the team wasn''t good,
But return to the premiership, it looks like we now should.

He got rid of players who were all overpaid,
To claim their big wages, the only reason they stayed,
He spent his money wisely on Drury and 3 lungs,
His team soon climbed the ladder, going up several rungs.

At the end of his first full season,we so nearly got promotion,
Our day at Cardiff was full of emotion
Iwan was introduced mid way through the second half,
His goal very nearly gave Worthy the last laugh.

Calm and level headed he remains all the time,
I''m running out of material to make this rhyme,
He gets on with DELIA, Doomcaster and Roger Mumby,
He certainly enjoyed beating Ipswich just last Sunday.

To the people of Norwich he has remained loyal,
If we win the league this year, he will be treated like a royal,
Surely the best manager in Division one,
10 times better than potato head who manages the SCUM..............

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