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Hold you hard bor....

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I think that before we all get too carried away about the probable departure from the club of Saffri and Etuhu, we should wait and see and see what the likes of Brellier have to offer in the side. Yes, it is now vital that we sign another couple of central midfielders, but there is still time, and we should have a bit of cash.  Lets not forget that people wanted rid of Saffri last season after his "too tired to play" nonsense.  He also will miss a chunk of next season with the African Nations doo dar, and too be honest I dont class him as a particularily consistent player. As for Etuhu, yes when he can be arsed to play, he''s good.  However, for a big man I think he''s knocked off the ball way too easily, his passing is average and he doesn''t get enough goals for a box to box man. I think he will be more missed by the staff in Rocco''s (normally 10 mins after full time) And the bloke who sits behind me cant pronounce his name  "Tootoo, you''re a torsserr" .  At least I may not have too hear that anymore.  I just have to wait for his first attempt at Strihavka. Anyway, lets be patient and see what happens.  I personally am finding it quite exciting, new players and stuff. 

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