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kevin brighton

Courage, Ambition, Passion and Pride.

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What do posters really believe? Having slept on the certain sale of Dickson Etuhu and the possible sale of Safri I am no less disappointed by the clubs board of directors and I say directors because this is definately not Peter Grants decision. Having listend to Neil Doncaster role out the same inept responses this morning to Darren Huckerbys comments yesterday. Well at least Darren possess COURAGE. AMBITION, PASSION and PRIDE and he appears to be on the same wavelength as the fans.

No one could be certain that Robert Earnshaw would stay but I think we all believed that our board had the ability to protect the best interests of the club and I have defended the board on this site in the past and called for the fans to bring back that feeling of togetherness that was present during our promotion season. But what our board is allowing to happen is destroying faith in their ability to run the club and any beliefe that any of them possess courage, ambition, passion and pride.

We have been well and truly conned with reported bids for players such as Sharp and Eastwood and why is it that these players, players who want to be winners chose to go to other clubs. From Huckerbys comments although he loves the area and I believe him when he says he loves playing in front of our fans, however he did not say that he loves playing for the club. He signed a contract extension and he probably feels just as conned as we do. Darren knows that we are a selling club and he also knows that selling our best players rather than building a team will mean that attracting players that possess ambition and want to be winners will be almost impossible. He does not have time on his side and he can now see that this coming season is going to be just like the last three a struggle to secure mediocrity.

What would you do if you were Darren Huckerby he is coming to the end of his career and because he does have passion and pride he wants to finish the last or last few seasons with success. And if we were in his place we would feel the way he did yesterday and display your anger at what he sees as his ambition for this season being destroyed yet again by directors who are not in touch with the players and fans ambitions.

As much as I dislike being negative I stongly believe that the board have lost the plot. We all have disappointments to over come and we all have to make tough decisions but most handle those situations without treating others with total arrogance and disrespect. The board are not doing a good job and its clear that when one of the clubs top and most respected players decides to speak out there is something seriously wrong within the club.

I have never been one to speak up for the glass half empty brigade but on this occasion having taken Smudge to task recently I have to say that his foresight has be proven to be much more accurate than my defence of the board.

Maybe the time is right for fans to really tell the board what we think.  


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