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The Championship is quickly losing it's few stars

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With the departure of Earnshaw, Koumas, Kamara, McSheffrey, Howard, Nugent, Edwards, Jagielka and others to the Premiership, the standard of the Championship has without a doubt taken a bit of a dive. While this is a bad thing for the Championship neutral, it can only be a good thing for clubs like us; ambitious clubs that are doing well in the transfer market seeking to excel ourselves.

The Championship is now more of an even playing field than ever. With fewer stars, and the Championships previous top goal scorer in our starting line up and his nearest rivals nearly all Premiership bound next season coupled with the other signings we''ve made, we have to believe that we are in an excellent position to capitalise on a poor Championship.

I''m not saying we''re going to win; I''m saying that while our rivals are getting weaker, we are getting stronger. I''m not saying this should be an end to our signings either. I think we need a central defender and a left back. Then, I think we need to replace any leavers.

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