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One or two ''narrow minded'' posts regarding ''same old excuses'' have been posted recently regarding lack of transfer activity.

Grant has identified his targets and gone for them backed up with hard cash.  Unlike that useless tool before him who just used to identify targets and then blow every penny on some other donkey!  Obviously Grant has money to spend and I believe he will spend it wisely.  I dont blame him for telling some players to get lost when they are demanding ex amount to play.  Do you want another ''free'' like Jarrett who was only ''free'' after we give him close to £500k signing on fee and then £14k per week?

Regarding Sharp.  If he isnt convinced now he never will be.  I dont particularly want someone in the team showing off his NCFC scarf and pledging loyalty after he has seen what other options are available first!  The truth is with most of these targets that Grant has said'' Och aye, play well and we will givya good money, dunny play well and yer get bogger all!''  And if that was the case then good on him.  Too many players are not accountable. 

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