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A few points...

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Firstly how can we blame the board for Earnie''s leaving for 3.5million, firstly he wanted to go nothing we could do about that, secondly the offer had to be accepted because of a clause the board had nothing to do with, the contract would have made between manager, player, player agent, and other club agents, technically they are the ones who would have put in this clause NOT the board, I''m afriad the blame for leaving at this price IMO lies squarely at the feet of Earnie. To  be honest I''m not to fussed, he isn''t a team player and clearly a very selfish person. I hear Cureton is a done deal and my dad text me to say it looks like eastwood is signing although I haven''t found any news to suggest this I have no reason for him to lie to me unless it''s a mistake.

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