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Ramshackle Rally in aid of Bryan Gunn Leukemia Appeal.....

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Hi there sports fans,

This August myself and 2 friends are going to participate in the 2007 Ramshackle Rally, from Calais, France to Krakow, Poland via Strasbourg, Innsbruck and Bratislava. This wouldnt normally be too taxing I wouldnt have thought but our task is to complete it in 4 days in a car costing £100 or less. We have just found ourselves a nice 1986 Ford Sierra which we are currently ''doing up''. Hopefully by the time of the rally it will resemble a Nascar racer ala ''Days Of Thunder''

Anyways, to cut a long story short, we have chosen to raise money from our participation in this for Bryan Gunns Leukemia Appeal. I am sure I dont need to tell you about his charity but if you would like more information, please click on the link below which will direct you to his website. Also from the link you can make a pledge as small or as large as you wish- We are greatful of any amount.

If you do wish to sponsor us please could you also email me with the amount so we can keep a guage on how much we raise. My email address is rob.henry1@hotmail.co.uk

Also If you have a business and you have a logo you would like plastered over our car for some exposure in the Sheringham Carnival, (and of course throughout Europe!) please email me.

Thanks for reading and here is the link....


Rob Henry

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