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Message for Nigel Worthington

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According to a certain Delia Smith
We are the BEST FANS, it''s not a myth,
We''ve followed our team for years with passion,
It''s not a recently aquired fashion.

Remain quiet like mice is something we can''t,
When playing well we let then know,
If they don''t perform, cant we tell them so?

So come on Nige, give us a break,
Your critisism last night was hard to take,
I''ve bought some shares, and a shirt,
What you said last night kind of HURT!

I guess you''re now starting to feel the stress?
Together this problem we must address,
We''ve stuck together all season long,
Our support will continue to remain strong.

Win the league, its when not whether,
It''ll be much easier if we all stick together,
We will of course wipe the slate clean,
But a good 1st half performance is what we expect to be seen!

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