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At last we've heard it........

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Did you see Nigel live on Angia at 6.15pm.He didnt mince his words and said,we must gamble and buy Hucks,we will never be in a better position to go for it than now.He also said the club now needs to ask themselves the question''Do they want to be in the Premier next year or do they want to carry on slogging away in Div 1. He said these are the thoughts of Nigel the Manager a man of ambition.Also reiterated that Hucks wants to move,his wife and kids want to move so its up to the club to make that happen.
What really excited me is that myself,gazzathegreat,1st Wizard,Bury Belvoir,
Rainbowchaser,and Snake Pit Rebel and others having being saying this for weeks and now we know that the Manager of our club totally agrees with us.Hurrah!!!
Speculate to Accumulate, we all know deep down that it makes sense.
Well Done Worthy you spoke for us all!!!

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