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invest your intrests elsewhere

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has anyone noticed the similarities between Delia Smith and Tony Blair ? Both seemingly coming to the rescue of the nation/football club with a good allround teflon image and then after a lengthy tenure slowly unrest and ungratefulness has started to fester amongst fans/voters resulting in calls for said person to leave.

I personally would like to see Delia leave if there was an enthusiastic investor who would spend wisely to bring Norwich into the mid table echelons of the premiership (as we all would) but from what I have surveyed in recent weeks , there seems to be a perception that Delia is blocking the door for a prospective Abramovich of Hicks. This is surely nonsense although there must be some prospective investors around I believe our location denotes that we''ll probably never attract a big money bid from some trumped oligarch or the ceo of an american toothpaste company.


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