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There once was a football boss,
Who, at the fans, got mighty cross,
He wanted good noise from the girls and the boys,
And instead got negative toss

When the fans wrote the PinkUn,
To advise of their thinkun,
Some folks ne’er agreed with the dastardly deed,
And said the man’s action was stinkun

Some gave Nigel higher praise,
For boo boys need mend their ways,
If the crowd is subdued when the bad boys boo,
The nasty vibes cause malaise

This is past, on with the quest,
As Norwich face the next test,
When eight thousand roar at the Palace’s door,
Nigel will clap with great zest

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Hello YankeeCanary.......so i''ve got some competition then.......it good to see you are joining in the fun....hope you have enjoyed them?

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