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Now is the time for cool heads and experience

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Now is not the time to be suddenly finding you have faith in Jason Shackell, we knew he was talented from the brief times we have seen him, these were all to brief, now it comes to the business end of the season, Nigel plays him at left back out of position.

If Jim Brennan injured I can understand, but if fit why did he not play, looked ok against Gill''ham Tuesday night. Shacks was merely adequate Tues night and by all accounts poor today. Why JB not on the bench as defensive cover?

Also NW putting too much pressure on Hendo by recalling him when other options were available.

Shacks and Hendo are for the future and need to be nurtured not thrust into what is going to be a high anxiety siyuation for everyone.

Nigels old faults may be raising their ugly head, get the tactics right, if we start right then everything falls into place, when we score first we generally go onto win, this has not been the case for too many matches and we put ourselves under pressure.

Svensson does not seem to be doing the business, time for Leon to be given his head, it seems obvious he is chomping at the bit, find a way for him to work with Huckerby, at least try, what we are seeing is not good enough.

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