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Just sitting here...

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...waiting to get through to the box office, reading the messages on here.

I sense a collective holding of breath. I think we all get nervous after a defeat, (Cardiff and on Saturday), but a win against Stoke at the weekend and everyone will feel a whole lot better, won''t they?

At half-time on Tuesday night I was very down, but, by full-time, everything was OK again. If we continue our form of the last 4 games, (win, lose, win lose), over the remaining games that would probably still be enough. Even if we won 5 and lost 4 of our last 9 games that would give us 85 points, with the average needed to be promoted about 84, I think we''d OK. Even 82 might be enough.

Looking at the Stoke game, I know they are a form team, but, this may well work in our favour as they will come looking for the points to help them get in the play-offs, meaning the game will be more open, hopefully giving Huckerby and others more space.

I hope Drury is fit come Saturday as Shackell, as good a young prospect as he is, had a shocker on Saturday.

As others have said many a time before...keep the faith.

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