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I see the whipping boys are still knocking Grant!  Unfortunately these are mainly the same people who have been happy with mediocrity for so long (probably the 5 seasons that they have been watching football)!!


After the Derby game last week, most of the people that commented on the game, (and most of those are hardened city supporters who like me have been watching for over 30 years) that Derby was the first time that the players ‘put it in’ for 90 minutes in ages, and I have to agree.


With the tiny tiny financial backing from the board, the poor squad available to him and the apathy within the club, no manager would have succeeded in picking up the pieces left by Worthington.  Grant is tactically naïve at times, but at least he says it as it is and doesn’t let the players run the team, in a way the same as Saunders managed when he was here.  


I applaud Grant for taking the time out to support youth, either by watching them regularly (something I never saw Worthington do), putting them out on loan to get essential match experience, or by playing them.


I feel that the team is turning a corner and heading in the right direction.  One or two more signings (and I don’t care if they are more scots) will help even more, but the real question is whether Delia and co will back the man up.  For me Lappin is bargain of the season and will only get better, Chadwick will prove to be a shrewd signing too.  When you look at the 500k for Hughes compared to the cut price Lappin, things are looking up already!


For me Grant is a little rough around the edges, a little naïve tactically, but he is spot on when it comes down to what a player should be doing to earn their wages, spot on with the youth future and most importantly ambitious for the club. He isnt happy with ''little ol Norwich'' mentality!


Shame that ambition isn’t matched by the board.

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