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A poor quality game overall but a deserved win for City for their battling qualities - a real example of the team effort over coming techical short falls.  Very few chances for either side but for once city came out on top at the back and in midfield...  Marks really reflect that battling effort more than anything else.

Warner 7   Very little to do - a couple of routine pick ups but good on crosses.

Hughes 6    Positionally a nightmare in the first half and fortunately no right back cover on the bench meant he had to stay on. The weakest link at the back but his effort and stickability saw him improve in the second half.  Poor distribution again but one good hoof saw our only first half chance.

Shackell & Doc 8  Kept brum strikers quiet with a solid performances - usual distribuion gripes but the were excellent as a pair.

Drury 7  Far better than Lappin at left back and showed what we miss when he is not there.

Croft 6  Superb effort but so little end product...

Safri  7  Got stuck in, but like Etuhu sat too deep too often.

Etuhu 7 Best home game for months - still some reading of the game issues but a significant improvement,  put in challenges, and more improtantly burst forward well.  End product should come.

Lappin 7 Getting better and better - wide left is is best position and give us a real shape in a 4-4-2.   Does need to get forward a little more.

Hux 7  worked hard without anything coming off...   had the games only moment of quality with the goal that should banish those lingering relegation fears - we would be in a leeds type situation without him.

Martin 7   Worked hard and defended from the front.   We looked a worse team when he came off as he worked the line well keeping thebrum defenders on their toes - which Dion didnt do.


Fozzy - too little to assess

Chadders - to little to score but looks like a good option to have on the right.

Dion 5 Brought on to releive the defence but was too static and winning 4-5 headers in total in 20 mins isnt enough - we needed him to get the ball down and hold it up which he didnt do.      

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warner 7 dealt with what little he had to do extremely well, although kicking needs to improve.

hughes 6 going forward was good distribution let him down

drury 7 was solid all night

shackell 7 ditto drury

doherty 6 was his usual octopus self, all over people, and how he missed that chance in the first few mins i dont know!!

lappin 8 excellent, drury looks so much better with him in front of him, drops in well when drury goes forward

safri 6 extremely quiet game i thought

etuhu 9 best yet, keep it up now please! two blocks at end epitomised his contribution.

croft 6 crossing let him down again

hux 8 what a goal!! handful all night

martin 7 did well considering size of their centre backs.


dublin 7 old head calmed things down when it was needed

chadwick 6 looked a bit lightweight

fozzy not on long enough to gain a mark, did he touch the ball?


grant 8 thought he was tactically spot on, and subs were well used also.


fans 10 we still are a great set of fans who helped the team over the finishing line.

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