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Mello Yello

Wensum fans get together....

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Well, Well, Well!....... Here we are, 48 hrs after the event and as predicted, the large majority of US! are feeling the pressure.

Fact is, we are beyond assistance from a divine intervention, and now it''s down to solid performances from the team coupled with US! making a lot of noise and encouragement, to see the lads clear the final hurdle. Yes! I am guilty of stating the bleeding obvious, but after spending a considerable amount of time sifting through these posts, even I am feeling somewhat nervous!

Fear of failure, is what''s on everyone''s mind.... We have come so far, and after a couple of ropey results and memories of Wolves 2 years ago falling at the last fence, [after being in a similar position to our present one] is causing us the most concern.

I find that statistical analysis is a load of "ballcocks" and therefore only when we are home and dry will I then raise a flagon of foaming ale to celebrate our success. Fate or Destiny? We all want to see us achieve the ultimate, which is the Premiership! and it is there for the taking. Lets get behind the team for the remainder of the season, even when things aren''t going our way because....Wensum fans get together.... "they can make all the difference!"

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