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Things are quite right at the moment.
A mesage to everyone to everyone who are convinced we were already up, well its looking a bit dodgy at the moment. If Sunderland (or anything team that put a run together from the playoffs) win their games in hand then they will be right behind us, doesnt seem so comfortable now.
In addition, which championship winning team have you seen that has been as unsettled as us all season.
Henderson or McVeigh on right?
Brennan or McVeigh on left?
Svensson or Leon (god knows why not) up front?

Its time to knuckle down and grind some results, just as we have been doing all season.
We are lucky (noy wanting to take anything away from the team but it is the league this year which has left us top, not a great norwich side) to be where we are.

Bring on promotion, Ill just only believe when we are there

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