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is grant right - are the players only human???!!!

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granty has mentioned recently, that the players are only human, and are obviously influenced by negative criticism.  he said he had to be mindful of how he broke the news to gallacher that he''d signed yet another goalie on loan to replace him.  its easy to lose sight that the players are human, and have feelings, and in this respect i agree with grant that some supporters are maybe too quick to blame and slag players off, rather than encourage them.  its a fine line between fair criticism and negative blaming.  finger pointing at a players performance isn''t probably the answer, but trying to keep it constructive rather than destructive is difficult for many supporters, who sometimes struggle to take defeat gracefully.  sure we all get disappointed - maybe our ultra competitive world is making people less forgiving and tolerant.  we all form judgements of how we rate individual players, and in hindsight, i probably sometimes reflect upon the players in a way that sees them as commodities, rather than individual people.  however, this doesn''t mean i dislike a player simply for the sake of it - its nothing personal, my view of them is based purely upon their footballing ability, what they can do for NCFC.  so sure peter, i try to keep it fair and reasonable, but sometimes my desire for city to do well clouds my reason and i overreact in an unhelpful way.  i apologise to all concerned at carra rd, if i''ve caused offence.  anyone else feel the same?????

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