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James Long

What about Jarvis?

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Everyone has been saying about who should go up front with Hucks on Saturday but no-one seems to of mentioned Jarvis. I mean he has hardly played this season and so can''t have run out of energy that people like Moyes with Rooney and Worthy with Jarvis don''t want too quickly and he his quite good sometimes when he comes off the bench (remember against Derby(H) and the consolation that gave us a chance against Watford(H)) so surely he would be an idea. Ok he probably couldn''t last or Worthy understandbly wouldn''t want to him to last the entire match but surely 65-75 minutes wouldn''t do him any harm. He''s young so a bit of youth with Huckerby would be fine, He and Hucks might get on well because Hucks because he could as they say look up to him for inspiration and he''d really want to perform.

Something else which I know is sad to think of and work out has come to my mind lately as well about Jarvis and I was wondering if anyone could work this out. Jarvis does start a match and at the end wins the man of the match award. Now the MOTM of course has to speak to the media and as we know Jarvis has a media ban on him imposed by Worthy although he has a least once this season had an interview in the Programme but which was almost certainly going to happen. He also has to speak to Gunny in the Gunn club because that''s a thing that the MOTM with Norwich also has to do as well and no doubt the press will be their even though he won''t speak to them just Gunny. What with Worthy not wanting Jarvis to be caught in the media attention can anyone work out how Worthy would want that one to pan out.

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