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All this talk of protesting is starting to get a bit annoying!

Regardless of how we feel about the board (I''m not exactly Delia''s biggest fan), surely our voices are better spent cheering on the team on tuesday night in our fight against relegation, rather than against the board?

I''m one of the first people to admit that the board have made a pigs'' ear out of this whole situation that we find ourselves in- but at this moment in time we need to get behind the side 100%.

Last season we protested against NW- and eventually, he was sacked. Protesting against the board will achieve nothing- they will not get sacked. Delia has said that if anybody with money comes in- she will sell. So there you have it, until a multi-millionaire comes in, we are stuck with our current board.

If you decide to protest on tuesday night, or whenever this march is planned- you might as well sit in the away end, or support that club from Suffolk.


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