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PREQUEL TO POST:   This is not a serious post. Moaners read with care.

I''ve laughed along light heartedly at the fact we are only now interested players with Celtic/Scotland connections, and agree with the post that if we can get quality Scottish players and a good price we should load ''em up and play in kilts. No problem there.

However, I''m just starting to get a creeping doubt in my mind that this may actually be some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder. I''ve just read that we showed interest in another Scotland international:


Will Grant really consider players that have never set foot in Scotland? AGENTS BEWARE, if you want your player to come to Norwich, give him one of those comedy ginger wigs and tartan caps that you can buy at Glasgow airport.

Just imagine if we were offered the next Ronaldo (obviously undiscovered and unaware of even his own talents) but Grant, on meeting him, began to sing ''you take the high road and I''ll take the low road....'' and when the young lad didn''t join in he was sent packing...

Or a potantial player is taken out for dinner near Mundby''s yaught in Monaco (hmmm) in an attempt to woo him to the club. He''s taken to a place to a place that has haggis/deep fried Mars bar on the menu but opts for Pasta to show the manager he is committed to to his health and fitness and again is amazed when he doesn''t even recieve a courtesy call to let him know that hos services are not required...

Just a thought. ;-)

Or maybe I''m waaaaaaaaaaaaay to bored at work tonight.


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