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97 - Norwich

97 - West Brom

92 - Sunderland

87 - Millwall

86 - Wigan Athletic

84 - Sheff Utd

84 - West Ham Utd

83 - Ipswich Town

81 - Reading

Reading v West Ham Utd
Ipswich Town v West Brom
Sunderland v Sheff Utd
Ipswich Town v Sunderland
Millwall v West Brom
Sunderland v West Brom
Wigan Athletic v Sunderland
Millwall v Reading
Reading v West Brom
Sheff Utd v Ipswich Town
Wigan Athletic v West Ham Utd

So given that there is either 3 or 4 points lost each game you can take four points off each total.

Suspect it will a three horse race for the two automatic spots by Easter

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