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What did Mat Svensson realy mean?

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I thought most of the crowd volume and and support was tremendous yesterday. I think that the Iwan chanting was unnecessary and thoughtless and counterproductive, Iwan was our mainstay in the past, he is now a spent force except for short run outs off the subs bench when it is possible that he could contribute to some extent. It is neither wise or supportive of the mindless few to try to humilliate Svensson with jibes. This type of derogatory chant will not get the best from him in any way, or help Worthy in his efforts to get the team moving together. They did provide us with much improved effort and a will to get stuck in from the start to finish. They produced a win from hard graft rather than craft. To get back to Svensson, was he saying by his jesture to the crowd, don''t overdo it, we hav''nt won yet. thats how i saw it. After all it takes a great effort to get the adrenalin pumping as it was yesterday, and is it good to celebrate a goal in an over the top way? I believe the over the top celebration by the player can be counterproductive, can produce an undesirable reduction of adrenalin, which I believe is often responsible for the immediate response of a goal being scored by the opposition, due of course to satisfaction syndrome clicking in. I believe that a modified celebration during the match is justified, With a success celebration, after a winning conclusion to the match, involving all the players going round the pitch in a combined lap of honour that salutes the supporters also. Control at all times is what I would advocate. A boxer only celebrates a win, or a knockout, a knockdown is only a step along the way and he must always be on guard for when the opponent gets off the canvass if you get my drift.OTBC

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