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Now, don''t get me wrong, Even I have wondered over the last few weeks if it was all going pear shaped. But, to listen to some of the so called fans coming out of Selhurst park, and believe it or not, on Saturday, anyone would think we were certainties for relegation, not clear at the top. I thought it was a magnificent performance Saturday, in charge right from the start, and playing football like we know we can. And then, sitting on the train to Lowestoft, there’s this middle-aged guy, sitting as though he’s lost a fortune. Great game, says I. It was ok, but we’ll never get far playing like that. What, says I. And he goes on droning on how were poor, only scored once, etc. What do these people want? Why do they even bother coming to games, to moan? I know, I sit in the River End, not out of choice, but we always play better when I sit there, the fact that I swapped seats up there when Worthy arrived proves my point. But it’s so frustrating to hear three sides of the ground shouting their hearts out, only for the dead bodies in the morgue around us, muttering about the noise. And these are among the thousands who have renewed their season tickets, what for, a better class moan ahead if we are promoted? At least at away games it’s great to be surrounded by like-minded people shouting their heads off. And to the doomsayers who made the trip to Palace the other week, moaning as they made their way top the coaches after the full time whistle, are you going Saturday? I hope not. These are really brilliant times to be a Canary supporter, best for a decade, can you at least be pleased about that? I know most of you who read this are on the crest of a wave like me, so these comments are not aimed at you. But I am sure we all know someone who is only happy when they have something to complain about.

On another not, I am so pleased for Greeno, really just reward for three seasons top work. Lets hope it’s the start of a long international career, and as a Canary player, too.

Keep the faith, and sing your hearts out.


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