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On Sky Sports it says that the Stokes lad joined Sunderland after Roy Keane told him his aims for the Club!He is hardly going to say that they intend to go down to League 1 is he!Maybe this is why we are so pathetic in the Transfer Market?It appears that all you need to do is tell players you want to get into the premiership! Are we talking people out of coming? Explaining to them we intend to sell loads of players, have the smallest squad in the championship, Sign nobody and build some hotels and restaurants? All this along with getting promoted to the premiership.We could then offer them £400 per week in compensation by explaining that we are paying Peter Thorne £9000 per week and that when his contract runs out we can review the situation. However we could tell them they will be playing in front of the biggest average crowd in the championship and that we will throw in a Annual membership to Spearmint Rhino.I am sure that will work!Just why are we so pathetic at this? Lie! 

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